Why You Need to Establish a Healthy Relationship with Food for Weight Loss

Re-Evaluate Your Approach to Food

For guys who have spent the better parts of their life on and off weight loss diets with no tangible success, the concern of ever being able to lead a ‘normal’ life again can be quite overpowering. This is because when you desperately need to lose excess pounds yet you can’t seem to have any tangible success progress, it can really get on your nerves and thrash your self esteem and also your health. Even so, there are two good approaches that you can take — first you should define exactly what ‘normal’ is to you and second you need to re-evaluate your approach towards food.

 Establish a Plan

Normal is a relative word when it comes to weight loss, weight gain, and food in general. Despite the fact that there is so much pressure put on quantifying ‘normal’, rest assured that it is quite different for each person. Thus, being aware of what you are eating and how you are doing it is very normal, but being obsessed with each bite that goes into your mouth to a point of thinking about food all the time is abnormal. It is important that you establish a middle ground in which you can comfortably live with.

 Being Healthy is Important

Even though losing weight is very important for a healthy life, learning to create a healthy relationship with the food that you eat should be your utmost goal. Note that this goes beyond what goes into your mouth, what you eat, how you eat it, when you eat, and how you feel when and after eating are all very important. The main purpose of eating is to nourish and sustain the human body, hence should be one of your happiest experiences.

 Eat Properly and Lose Weight

Rest assured that weight loss is as a result of eating properly meaning if you consume healthy foods in acceptable healthy measures you will start to notice a positive progress on your weight loss mission. On the other hand, if you deliberately eat very many healthy foods, most probably you will not even add a pound… why? Because the process of gaining weight is a complex combination of different circumstances and aspects, but taking foods that will trigger an insulin reaction in your body’s metabolism is one of the major contributing factors.

The human body reacts to increases in blood sugar levels very strongly because the insulin excreted by the pancreas forces the body to store sugars consumed as fat instead of using them

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