Where to Fiddle With Your Diet to Lose 10 Pounds

Keeping Your Resolution

When a new year begins, many people have the habit of making resolutions; top among them lose certain amount of pounds. However, before you even start your proposed program to lose the 10 pounds, December is here with you and you are left feeling guilty because you didn’t keep your resolution. This article looks at how you can increase the odds of prevailing over this challenge.

Identify Your Eating Habits

First and foremost, you should be very honest with yourself as you try and identify your eating habits. Identify exactly the things you it, how often, and how much you eat, and perhaps what triggers eating a particular type of food. Knowing well your eating habits greatly helps you discover viable ways to change the eating habits. Maybe you love eating potato chips with mayonnaise salad, or a fatty steak. You will be shocked to discover that your consumption of vegetables is really compromised.

Be advised that eating vegetables plays a very huge role in losing 10 or more pounds. However, being the human being that you are, it is not possible to avoid junk foods altogether because the craving can be too much and once you give in at such a point, you might end up eating excessively to satisfy the cravings. Instead, always give in to little treats when you feel that the craving is about to get out of hand.

Changing Your Eating Habits Will Without Doubt Help You Lose 10 Pounds

The following chances when incorporated in your eating habit will without a doubt help you lose 10 pounds very fast.

–        Avoid marinating your food with barbecue sauce or extremely rich liquids and instead use a paste made of ground chili pepper and water. Further, you get very rich flavors when you spice up your food with a variety of seasonings.

–        Go for boneless chicken no matter how mouthwatering the drumstick might appear to you.

–        Cut down on the amount of salt you put in your dishes. Say for example you use a teaspoon of salt to flavor your vegetable soup, replace that with ½ a teaspoon. Just a point to note, soups can be a very ideal source of more veggies in a diet, but ensure you take low sodium soup.

Never Eat in a Rush Chew Your Food Slowly

You can implement the above mentioned changes and any other useful changes that you might think of, such as chewing food slowly instead of eating like you are in a rush, until the time you lose your 10 pounds. Once you implement these changes, they should become part of your lifestyle and you won’t go back to your old eating habits that contributed to the extra pounds that you are struggling to shed off.

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