What Constitutes A Good Healthy Diet?

Foods Gives The Body A Strong Protection Against Infection

We are living at a time when botox treatment, liposuction, skin stretching and skin tucking, face-lift, among other synthetic treatments are the order of the day. People do these things that cost thousands of dollars, and which are life-threatening with the hope of achieving a good-looking body, and perhaps healthy figure. Be advised though that nothing in the world today can beat a good diet. The right combination of food gives the body a strong protection against infections and illnesses, and gives the body energy and strength to undertake day to day activities.

What really is a good diet is a question that lacks a clear definition as yet. Debate is still rife among nutritionists and health and fitness experts on whether it is the carb or protein content in a meal that should be given top priority. Sadly, lay people rarely assess their intake’s nutritional value in terms of carbs or proteins as there is no gadget that helps determine just how much calories a pack of French fries contain, neither is there a counter or measure in the stomach that determines the fat content of a chicken leg.

Don’t Miss Breakfast It’s The Most Important Meal of the Day

Many people today confess to going without breakfast citing reasons such as lack of time to prepare and take breakfast, lack of resources, and sometimes even lack of knowledge, effort, and talent to cook breakfast. What they don’t know is that missing breakfast is more or less a suicidal matter as it happens to be the most important meal of the day.

Typically, breakfast should be dominated by carbohydrates from such things as rice, pastry, bread, or root crops, which should be complemented by proteins in form of milk, cheese, eggs, or meat, and minerals and vitamins in the form of veggies and fruits. This is because carbs provide energy for growth and to help sustain an individual all day long. As mentioned, breakfast is the most important meal of the day hence should be the heaviest as it acts as your fuel for the entire day ahead.

More Protein and Less Carbs

Nutritionists advice that lunch should be the reverse of your breakfast i.e. more proteins and less carbs. You should also ensure you take a side dish made up of vegetables and a fruit dessert to provide you with necessary fiber to aid in digestion of the carbs and proteins from the two meals.

If you really wish to be slim, you should go ahead and cut down on what you take for dinner. Just take a sufficient amount of carbs and proteins as well as veggies and fruits, which should then be complemented by a glass full of milk just before bedtime.

 Snack In Moderation

Snacking should be done in moderation and if possible, one should take fruits to avoid losing appetite for the upcoming meal. But if you cannot ‘survive’ on fruits alone, some bit of ice cream, chocolate or an occasional gulp of wine is acceptable, but only in moderation.

The best way to lose weight is follow a proven weight loss program as well as including exercise

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