Ways of Warming Up and Cooling Down When Working Out

3 Good Benefits to Warming Up & Cooling Down

All novice bodybuilders need to learn the right way to warm up and cool down at the gym. There are three good benefits when you warm up and cool down properly. You lower the risk of injuries, you increase your flexibility, and you speed up the recovery time after your workout.

Here are a few other warming up benefits :

1. In regards to muscle fibers, you experience elevated contractile speed and shorter response times.

2. You see a reducing of muscle stiffness which lowers the risk for injury

3. Your energy contraction is more efficient because of the lower viscosity that warmed muscles hold. This produces resistance to muscular force that is produced.

4. You’ll experience a greater absorption of oxygen into your myoglobin. This is because hemoglobin is able to release oxygen more easily when your muscle temperatures are higher.

 Cardiovascular Exercise

The Right Way To Warm Up – You should use cardiovascular exercises and stretching exercises for warming up. You’d be surprised at how many bodybuilders scoff at warming up and simply dive right into lifting weights. They just don’t understand that warming up helps them to train with much more intensity, and even to lift more weight.


If you compare two bodybuilders of the same size and caliber, with one warming up and the other not, and test them for their lifting abilities, you’d be amazed at the difference in performance ability. Of course the one what warms up will experience the best workout. It’s due to the warm-up producing a higher level of joint flexibility. So the first bodybuilder is able to perform much more intensely.

 Aerobics are Good for Warm Ups

For your warm up to be effective, you should give it twenty minutes at the least. Aerobics are good for warm-ups. You can jog, or walk on a treadmill, skip some rope, or ride a bike. This will raise the body temperature which the muscles need for stimulating growth. You should also throw in some stretching exercises. These will enable the muscles to contract more.

Cooling Down – The last thing you have at the end of the workout is the cooling down period. If you don’t cool down, you’re going to have a delayed outbreak of sore muscles. The intracellular pressure gets reduced, which will have an affect on your muscles the next day. This can sometimes be quite painful, and it’s so easily avoided just by taking the time to cool down.

Cooling down is very similar to warming up, just in the opposite direction. Instead of jogging fast, slow it down, gradually getting slower and slower, until your heart rate is normal again.

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