Vitamix Pro 750 professional-grade multi-functional full-nutritional wall-breaking cooking machine sale + free shipping!Self-cleaning, minced meat, squeezed juice, soy milk and sesame paste ice cream are all done

Amazon offers Vitamix Pro750 Professional Multi-Functional Whole Nutrition Breaking Cooking Machine on sale + free shipping!

Self-cleaning, minced meat, squeezed juice, soy milk and sesame paste ice cream are all done

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Easily mix dough and batter for bread, muffins, cookies or cakes

Vitamix can grind all kinds of ingredients into fine jams, juices, soups, the fruit part can be processed with belt cores, and bones can be broken, with high-efficiency horsepower, base core speed, blunt knife grinding and grinding The spoiler design of the container cup has become famous, and because Vitamix can handle a variety of different ingredients, it has gradually gained the recognition and trust of health-conscious people.
Suitable for hard and soft vegetables and meat
hot soup
Machine base motor temperature control device
Enjoy ice cream or ice cream in seconds
Make Hot Soup Without a Gas Stove
Grind assorted nuts or coffee beans to your desired shape
Powerful motor, fast finish time
Taste the smoothie smoothie
Make a variety of practical and delicious sauces

Ten adjustable speeds allow for precise food blending and refined textures, from smooth purees to hearty soups, all in one touch.

Five Function Hotkeys (Hot Soup, Ice Cream, Juice, Puree and Auto Clean)

64oz (1817.6ml) Container: Perfect for family meals and entertaining, Cord Length: 6ft (183cm)

The aerospace-grade stainless steel blades are designed to handle tough ingredients, so you get the same results from start to finish. ;

Self-Cleaning Function: Mix a drop of dish soap with warm water and your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30-60 seconds.

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