Vitamix Ascent Series High-end Flagship A3500 Whole Nutrition Wall Breaker Cooking Machine/Blender Special Sale + Free Shipping!

Amazon has Vitamix Ascent series high-end flagship model A3500 full nutrition wall breaker cooking machine/blender sale + free shipping!

The Vitamix Ascent Series A3500 Blender is the flagship model.

With touch timing and built-in wireless connection, the host can detect the size of the mixing cup and automatically adjust the program design and stirring time.

Comes with a 64 oz blender jar with a stirrer, and you can hear the “click” sound when the lid is pressed down.

2.2 horsepower super click, the speed is 24,000 rpm, fully capable of meeting the needs of most families. Touch control, digital timing display, programmable timer can be scheduled for automatic shutdown. There are 5 preset programs of “milkshake/hot soup/dessert/sauce and wash”. Built-in wireless connection, convenient for future expansion functions.

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