The Main Reason Behind Failed Diets

Are Failed Diets Because of the Diet or Dieter?

It is widely reported that over 95% of weight loss diets don’t work. This shocking statistic leave one to wonder what might be the problem — is it with the diets or with the dieters. Sadly, over 75% of dieters, despite the realization and the fact that weight loss diets don’t work, will still use one diet or another, and will always be alert on whatever weight loss diet that comes on the market claiming to work wonders. The reason for this is simple — the society has put so much pressure on people to look ‘thin’ in order to be ‘beautiful’ and ‘attractive’.

Why do diets therefore fail? This is the million dollar question that lacks a distinct answer. Well, be advised that many diets, actually 98% of all diets work, but temporarily. Most often than not, they will give very quick results which sadly, is what many people are always after. The main challenge comes in maintaining the weight as it is because it is quite hard to stick to such strict eating plans.

The Moment You Shed Those Extra Pounds You Revert Back To Previous Bad Eating Habits

The reason is because such eating plans will expect one to stick to them forever, despite the fact that they are very boring. The moment you shed off those extra pounds that you wanted, chances of reverting back to your previous eating habits are very high, meaning the chain will continue — weight comes back, sometimes more than it was and will most often come back as fast as you lost it.

Embrace A Healthy Eating Plan and Exercise Plan

The best approach to weight loss, hopefully permanent weight loss, is embracing a healthy eating plan and complimenting that with a good and viable exercise plan — it is that simple. It is simply about looking at what you eat and how you eat it. For example, avoid fast foods and excessively fried foods and instead opt to boil or steam. Cut down on the chocolate and chips and instead go for that healthy fruit or snack. Take plenty of water, as much as the recommended 8 glasses of water daily.

It Doesn’t Matter The Type of Exercise You Do As Long As You Move Your Body

You should however not torture yourself because being human, sometimes the craving can be so strong. You can always give in to the cravings, once in a while, but only when you cannot resist it. As mentioned, exercise is equally very important and will not only help you lose weight, it will benefit your whole being. It doesn’t matter the type of exercise you do, as long as you move your body and avoid being sedentary. You can swim, do gardening, play basketball, baseball, just about anything that will enhance your muscle tone and help keep in check your weight.

Truth of the matter is, not everyone can be thin although granted, everyone would want to. However, you can work hard at attaining your best possible weight. Even though it is not easy, for a determined heart, it is very much possible.

The best way to lose weight is follow a proven weight loss program as well as including exercise

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