Sujeet Wall Plug Led Light Sensor Night Light 8-Pack Sale! Automatic on/off, plug and play!Promo code required

Amazon has Sujeet Wall Plug Led Light Sensor Night Light 8-Piece Set Sale!Automatic on/off, plug and play

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The night light is equipped with a sensitive light sensor to detect the current ambient light level. Intelligently aligning yourself throughout the night. In different lighting environments, the brightness of the night light will be different. The darker the environment, the brighter the night light.

Accurate brightness, not too bright, not too dark, as long as there is enough light, you can see where you are going in the dark, so that you can easily get up at night, drink water, use the bathroom, and go back to bed without turning on Any main light.

Energy saving, the night light uses 4 super bright LEDs, no need to replace bulbs, 12 hours a day, consumes less than 30 minutes of electricity per year. Probably not even enough to make any changes to your power meter.

Space saving and wide application, only takes up the space of one plug, very suitable for children’s room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, stairs, hallway and any place that needs a guiding light.