Sennheiser Sennheiser HD660S Open Hi-Fi Music Headphones Sale + Free Shipping!

Beautiful music, straight to your heart

Amazon offers Sennheiser Sennheiser HD660S Open Hi-Fi Music Headphones on sale + free shipping!

Careful handling

A combination of power and control. Powerful open-back headphones that let you explore the deepest corners of your music collection.

High fidelity sound quality, open design, 42mm transducer, luxurious comfort, detachable cable.

As the predecessors of the HD 660S, the HD 650 and HD 600 were known for their attractive appearance and superior frequency response, breaking the performance norms of audiophile headphones.

The HD 660S goes beyond that DNA, bringing users legendary speed and effortless instrument reproduction, even at opposite ends of the spectrum. Thanks to new transducers and specially ventilated drivers, the HD 660S is able to achieve both layered detail and musical dynamics.

Where Performance Meets Versatility

As long as you listen to it, you can immediately feel the unique charm of HD 660S. After tens of thousands of plays, its original intention will become more and more obvious.

Every time you listen, open-back earcups pair with new transducers tailored for the modern audiophile. Its excellent response speed allows you to confidently reproduce those recordings with a very wide frequency response. Thanks to the aluminum voice coil, the 38mm diaphragm maintains consistent sensitivity for ultra-fast pulse fidelity. This balance between movement and stillness unleashes the ability to accurately convey tonal and spatial characteristics.

“Network” live everything

The HD 660 drive unit utilizes a precision engineered high performance stainless steel braid.

It completes the functionality of the drive unit, providing consistent ventilation control that reduces oscillations. Therefore, the movement of the diaphragm is very pure, which balances the integrity and expressiveness of the music itself. This steel construction allows for tighter production tolerances, ensuring amazing consistency in every pair of HD 660S headphones.With open earmuffs, the sound delivered by each transducer can be extended completely freely, restoring the nature and purity of music

Today’s headphone enthusiasts have more options than ever before.

HD 660S has been optimized and can now be matched with various equipment to meet the output power requirements of various amplifier circuit devices. The HD 660S reduces the impedance to 150 ohms and can be used with dedicated headphone amplifiers, A/V amplifier receivers and digital audio players (DAP). And it has stronger magnets than its predecessor, making it easier to drive no matter how your setup changes.

Each pair of HD 660S headphones has been paired left and right with transducers before leaving the factory.

This tight tolerance and the aid of an automated assembly process ensure a globally consistent experience. The earphones are designed with thoughtful, lightweight materials that won’t be visible within the sound system without compromising the durability they need for all-day use. The good sound is always coming, and we want every connection you make with it to be a soft, luxurious and long-lasting experience.

All for a better connection

The HD 660S ships with a range of versatile base cables, each impedance matched for ultra-low capacitance.

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