RENPHO AI Smart Fitness Bike Limited Time Sale + Free Shipping! 5 kinds of realistic simulation training modes are free to use

Amazon has RENPHO AI smart exercise bike on sale + free shipping! 5 kinds of realistic simulation training modes are free to use

Equipped with enclosed wheels and a smooth flywheel design, users can ride like a real bike without worrying about rubbing or catching the wheels on clothes, feet, pets or children.

RENPHO AI Gym App contains more than 70 training courses and simulates 5 different real-life training modes. Coaching video courses, strength training programs, high-definition reality videos of simulated driving, and more. No need to register as a member, it’s free to use.

RENPHO, an AI exercise bike, will automatically change the resistance based on your biometric indicators, such as exercise level, power output, goal and cadence, and design the training mode through algorithms to obtain the best training effect, and can track training schedule.

Work out anytime at home and join different training sessions for free. Automatically adjusts the resistance level to obtain a smooth and effective cycling experience to meet the personalized training of different users, making this bike suitable for users of any fitness level from 15 to 70 years old.

The oversized cushioned seat lets you train more and for longer in comfort. Ergonomic handlebars allow the user to ride like a spinning bike or exercise bike to suit your specific workout.

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