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A good team communication effect can effectively increase the chances of winning the game team.

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excellent sound positioning

Excellent comfort and durability
With our eyes, it’s often difficult to see beasts lurking in the shadows, or enemies stalking from behind.But every product in the Razer Kraken Razer Kraken series
Both have excellent sound localization capabilities. With this feature, you can suddenly appear in front of your enemies pre-emptively.

The product’s 7.1 surround sound ensures greater accuracy, allowing you to identify and localize sound details.Or, you can also enjoy immersive 360-degree sound with THX Spatial Audio
Take your gaming experience even further and enjoy full customization options.

excellent sound
The Razer Kraken is equipped with custom-tuned 40mm and 50mm audio drivers to effectively balance clear, powerful highs and rich, immersive lows, ensuring that whether it is the sound of small footsteps or large-scale explosions, Can provide you with excellent sound quality.

Crystal Clear Communications
The cardioid microphone on the Razer Kraken features a unique pickup pattern with a narrower pick-up area, which can effectively improve the noise suppression effect on the back and sides. Therefore, even in fierce battles, this microphone can carry your instructions through all kinds of noise, and deliver them clearly and accurately to the ears of teammates.

Staying focused during a long, hard race is key to being at your best to win. Therefore, we specially designed and built the Razer Kraken series,
Making it ideal for long hours of gaming entertainment.

The product’s ear cups are equipped with comfortable leatherette ear cups, which can provide excellent soft touch and comfort, while cooling gel can effectively reduce heat build-up during long-term wearing,
Even players who wear glasses can enjoy a comfortable wearing experience. Every product in the Razer Kraken series is durable and mobile
With fewer parts, it can handle the demands of the most intense gaming.

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