Philips Philips HD9741/96 Oil-Free and Fat-Reducing Twin TurboStar Air Fryer Sale + Free Shipping!

Amazon has a new generation Philips Philips HD9741/96 oil-free and fat-reducing Twin TurboStar air fryer on sale + free shipping!

Double-layer high-speed air circulation technology (Twin TurboStar)

Hot air fry your favorite foods with little or no oil. Twin TurboStar dual-layer high-speed air circulation technology is designed to reduce fat in food, creating a healthy way to fry food, so that you and your family can enjoy delicious food.


Automatic shut-off, dishwasher safe, ready signal, temperature control, quick clean, advanced rapid heat function, non-slip base, patented high-speed air circulation technology, preset cooking function, time control

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