Panasonic SRCN108 16-in-1 multi-functional rice cooker sale + free shipping! 5.5 cups, meals in one pot

Removable inner cover and steam vent for easy cleaning

Amazon has Panasonic SRCN108 16-in-1 multi-functional rice cooker on sale + free shipping! 5.5 cups of meals in one pot

Non-stick aluminum coated inner pot with 6 scales, durable and easy to clean

16 automatic cooking programs are optional, which can make white rice, porridge, brown rice, multigrain, quinoa, soup, slow cooking function, and can also make cake, bread, and steamed vegetables.

When the cooking is finished, it will automatically switch to the keep warm mode, which can keep warm for 12 hours

Comes with a steaming basket, rice shovel, and measuring cup, which can steam all kinds of vegetables, fish, meat and other foods, and steam rice at the same time, making rice and vegetables easy to handle.

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