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Anti-rollover design and high load-bearing 550 lbs camping hammock with balance struts (15.7 inches), evenly spaced holes, can effectively tighten the hammock, keep the hammock balanced and more comfortable.

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Upgraded thickened 320G durable canvas, no lint, no fading, no smell, no pilling. Wear-resistant and comfortable, skin-friendly and breathable. High-strength load-bearing is not easy to break.

Strong metal knot, which can prevent long-term friction and damage between the knot and the tether, prolong the life of the hammock by 50%.

Sturdy and safe, the binding ropes at both ends of the hammock are made of nylon, which is firmly woven and fixed, which greatly improves the load-bearing factor. Made of 18-strand traction rope, thickened braid, even tension, safe.

Easy to carry, the hammock has a storage bag for easy portability.

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