Logitech POP Keys Wireless Mechanical Emoji Keyboard Sale + Free Shipping!

Amazon offers Logitech POP Keys Wireless Mechanical Emoji Keyboard on Sale + Free Shipping!

Good or bad mood, send with a snap of your fingers
Feeling elated? fly into a rage? Or accidentally fell in love? No matter what your mood is, the eight emoticon packs*keycaps of POP keyboard can be freely matched with you to show your truest side. Download Logitech’s software, and you can assign any existing emoticons or shortcut keys to the keycaps; or press the emoticon package menu button, you can open the complete emoticon list, and chat with friends at any time.

A mechanical experience that satisfies the sense of touch and hearing
The POP keyboard reproduces the keystroke enjoyment of a traditional typewriter. Every time you press it, the crisp mechanical sound of “click click” makes you unable to put it down. Typing has never been so addictive.

The new shortcut key is cool
The style is retro and nostalgic, and the function is not old at all. POP keycaps bring 12 new FN shortcut keys to meet your daily needs. Screen capture and voice input need to use Logitech software, support Windows and macOS

Connect three devices at once
The Easy-Switch technology of the POP keyboard allows you to easily switch devices and express your creativity across platforms. Using Bluetooth or a Logi Bolt USB dongle, the POP mouse connects to computers, tablets, and phones, and supports Windows®, macOS, Chrome OS®, Android®, iOS, and iPadOS operating systems.

small and comfortable
The exquisite mini POP keyboard frees up more space on the desktop, and the slightly concave round keycap design fits every fingertip, making typing comfortable and enjoyable. The small size of the keyboard also shortens the distance of the POP mouse for you, reduces hand movement, and allows you to maintain a natural and comfortable posture.

Long-lasting battery life, not afraid of long journeys
The POP keyboard implements Logitech’s battery life performance, with a battery life of up to three years. The battery life varies according to usage and computing conditions.

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