Logitech M185 Lightweight Wireless Mouse on Sale!

Amazon has the Logitech M185 Lightweight Wireless Mouse on Sale!

Long-lasting and reliable, the M185 features an on/off button and an auto-sleep energy-saving mode that lasts up to 12 months without battery replacement

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Comfortable shape, lightweight design
The shape that fits the natural curve of the hand provides a long-lasting comfortable grip, easy and efficient. A compact wireless mouse that fits easily in your laptop bag so you can work wherever you are. The M185 is ambidextrous, comfortable and friendly.

Easy Navigation, Precise Control
The M185 features a precise line-by-line scrolling experience that makes navigation easier. Say goodbye to annoying clicking noises, and the optical sensor lets you enjoy stable, precise cursor control on virtually any surface.

Plug and play, easy and convenient

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Compatible with Windows®, macOS, Chrome OS® and Linux®, the M185 plugs into the USB receiver and is ready to go.The receiver provides a stable and reliable connection up to 10 meters away

Complete tasks faster
Boost your laptop’s operating efficiency with the M185. A recent study showed that laptop users who chose to replace the trackpad with this mouse saw a 50% increase in operational efficiency5 based on throughput (bits/second) calculations combined with average speed and accuracy across all devices involved in the study. Logitech Ergonomics Lab conducted research on 23 products (October 2019), including two Logitech standard mice and two standard embedded touchpads, 30% faster office work