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Multifunctional LED console, WS1 smart LED console can display speed, battery life, speed mode and cruise control, clearly visible in sunlight. Push assist mode provides great convenience for pushing the scooter when walking or low battery power.

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The Wheelspeed WS1 electric scooter has a unique quick fold-release system. Pull the red circle within 1 second to easily fold and unfold this electric scooter. Very convenient to carry and store, you can take the subway, bus and car.

Maximum load: 240 catties.

The powerful 350W high-torque motor can easily overcome most rough roads and slopes. You can easily achieve a top speed of 25 km/h, and the motor works quietly but consumes less power. The dual brake system ensures that you can safely stop the scooter within seconds.

Long-distance urban commuting, equipped with high-capacity high-energy battery and excellent Wheelspeed battery management system, can travel 32-40 kilometers under the best conditions. Quickly press the power button four times to toggle between MPH and KM/H.

Comfortable for commuting, the 10-inch shock-absorbing pneumatic tires and rear shock make for a wonderfully comfortable ride. The 55cm*17cm (length*width) deck is equipped with large soft non-slip pedals, making your feet comfortable to step on. Cruise control frees your right hand on long commutes.

LED headlights, rear brake lights and pedal lights to ensure safety at night.

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