LEGO LEGO 11030 Classic Building Blocks Deluxe Pack (1000Pcs) Sale + Free Shipping!Spell out cars, globes, flowers, hearts, guitars, houses, smiley emojis, parrots, puppies, apples, and more

A huge collection of bricks in a variety of colors, this set includes 1000 bricks in 10 bright colors and a booklet with building instructions and building suggestions

Amazon offers LEGO LEGO 11030 Classic Bricks Deluxe Pack (1000Pcs) Sale + Free Shipping!

If you want to experience rich play value, please don’t miss the LEGO? Classic Bricks Deluxe Pack (11030).This building toy is colorful and fun

1,000 bricks in 10 bright colors This set includes tons of brightly colored LEGO bricks, especially the ever-popular classic 2×4 bricks! Clear paper instructions are also provided for a range of fun building models including a car, globe, flowers, heart, guitar, house, smiley emoji, parrot, puppy and apple.

Easy-to-follow illustrated guides make building fun and easy, and digital building instructions for this set are also available in the LEGO Builder app

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