LEGO LEGO 10311 Orchid (608 Pcs) Sale+Free Shipping!

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Amazon offers LEGO LEGO 10311 Orchids (608 Pcs) Sale + Free Shipping!

Enjoy focused building activity with this LEGO Orchid (10311) building model for adults and create a beautiful botanical centerpiece for your home. Slowly make all the details of the white and pink flowers and vase. Inspired by a real orchid, this model has 5 leaves and 2 aerial roots at the bottom, making for a faithfully reproduced bauble. Build a fluted blue vase and fill it with brown LEGO pieces to recreate the bark mix used to grow real orchids.

Tailor-made your decorations
Turn the model’s stems, roots and leaves to pose the orchid in a variety of ways to create the perfect look.Or reassemble the flower stems to create a new style of personalized flower arrangement

Discover spaces for concentration and time for relaxation with LEGO Plants building models designed for grown-ups.

Dimensions, over 39 cm high, over 30 cm wide, and over 24 cm deep

Models for adults – LEGO Orchid is part of a range of building boxes designed for adults, catering to building fans who love charming designs and fine details

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