LEGO 80024 Journey to the West Huaguo Mountain (1949 Pcs) Sale + Free Shipping!

Amazon offers LEGO LEGO 80024 Journey to the West Huaguo Mountain (1949 Pcs) on sale + free shipping!

Inspired by the classic Journey to the West and rooted in traditional Chinese culture, this LEGO gift is a great gift for kids, helping them develop creativity and resilience.

The Monkey King legend unfolds as you build each part of this LEGO Monkie Kid Legendary Huaguoshan playset (80024). Contains 8 minifigures: Wukong Kid, Six-Eared Macaque, Monkey Brother, Monkey Girl and 4 versions of Monkey King (Stone Monkey, Monkey King, Monkey King and Monkey King), which can be used for the classic fairy tales of the series role play.

Contains 1947 bricks and measures: 34 cm high, 68 cm wide, and 25 cm deep. Includes paper building instructions and digital Instructions PLUS, available in the free LEGO Building Instructions app, allowing kids to save their progress and continue building at any time.

Packed with lots of realistic features and story inspiration, including a rock that opens to reveal Monkey King; a buildable waterfall that opens to enter Huaguo Mountain; and a buildable red-crowned crane. Monkie Kid fights a six-eared macaque on a revolving platform – note the Chinese calligraphy.

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