LEGO 60320 Fire Station Emergency Action (540 Pcs) Sale+Free Shipping!

Amazon offers LEGO LEGO 60320 Fire Department Emergency Action (540 Pcs) on sale+Free Shipping!

This 3-story LEGO City Fire Station (60320) features a control room, firefighter quarters, reception and garage, as well as a firefighting helicopter that fires LEGO water elements and a fire truck that fires water cannons. Just add the firefighter minifigures (including 2 LEGO City TV characters), cat and dog figures, and ready for fun and exciting play! Plus, kids can expand the set with the included LEGO road baseplate.

This set includes a paper-based building guide and interactive digital building instructions. An intuitive digital guide, available from the free LEGO Building Instructions app for smartphones and tablets, has great zoom and rotate tools that allow you to view each model from a variety of angles during building.

Make it your own LEGO City world LEGO City playsets include feature-packed buildings, cool vehicles and inspiring characters that inspire creative role-play, allowing kids to be the protagonists of the action and create their own stories.

LEGO minifigure accessories – includes 4 helmets, walkie-talkie, fire axe, water cup, pizza box and fire extinguisher

What’s in the brick box? Everything you need for a 3-tier fire station, truck and helicopter, plus 5 minifigures, dog and cat figures, and a LEGO road base plate to connect to other LEGO City playsets

Add fun features to the game – LEGO water elements can be launched from the fire helicopter and water cannons from the fire truck

This 3-story toy fire station measures: 30cm (12in) high, 34cm (13.5in) wide, and 32cm (12.5in) deep, and features a garage, firefighter quarters and a control room

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