HUION Huion Kamvas Pro 20 19.5-inch professional high-definition painting screen / hand-painted screen / digital screen sale + free shipping! currently has HUION Kamvas Pro 20 19.5-inch professional-grade HD painting screen/painting screen/digital screen on sale + free shipping!

Immersive, colorful display.
In order to restore the color in your mind, we have increased the color gamut to 120% sRGB. The visual effects brought by 16.7 million colors can meet your professional needs for color and let you immerse yourself in colorful creations, whether it is painting Or design.

Clear vision, reproduction of tiny details.

You can control it as you like, and you can create with style.
The 19.5-inch IPS LCD screen endows Kamvas Pro 20 (2019) with a wide viewing angle, which ensures that the images displayed at different angles will not be distorted or have chromatic aberration; Every tiny detail of creativity.

Seamless fit, precise positioning performance.
We use full lamination technology to seamlessly bond the ultra-thin AG anti-glare glass with a thickness of 1.1mm to the LCD screen. The picture is clear and bright. It can provide you with a realistic painting feel.

The control is free and flexible, and the creativity is mastered in one hand.
The PW507 digital pen adopts passive electromagnetic induction technology, which is light in weight and comfortable to hold; there are two custom buttons on the body of the pen, and the functions can be set by yourself to meet your different functional needs; There are 10 spare refills and a refill clip for easy replacement at any time.

The lines are smooth and natural, and the performance is professional.
Intelligent handwriting tracking technology with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, the lines are smooth and delicate, the response is quick and agile, and the performance is more professional.
Fully optimized, support tilt positioning is still accurate.
By further optimizing the angle measurement and angle compensation algorithm of the Tilt function, the cursor positioning is still accurate when you tilt the pen tip to use.

Comfortable and efficient work pursuit.
Flexible matching, quickly present your ideas.
The combination of 2 touch bars and 16 shortcut buttons, the functions can be set by yourself, and each button can be controlled independently to maximize work efficiency.

Ideal creative angle.
The bracket adopts an integrated classic design, which is easy to operate and does not take up space. The angle can be adjusted freely from 20° to 80°.
Allows you to express your creativity in a more comfortable posture.

Taking into account multiple talents, we can be a close partner.
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux OS systems, open your PS, SAI, AI, CDR and other professional software at will, think what you think, draw what you want to draw!

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