Hivita Cordless Electric Scrubber, Cleaning Brush Sale + Free Shipping! An artifact for cleaning the whole family without bending over!

Hivita Cordless Electric Scrub, Cleaning Brush Sale + Free Shipping on! An artifact for cleaning the whole family without bending over!

– No more kneeling or bending over to clean, completely liberate your body! The traditional cleaning methods of the past are not only slow and ineffective, it can even take hours to clean an entire bathroom with a brush. Are you still bothered by this? It’s time for a change, and the Hivita Electric Spin Scrubber is the way to go!

– No longer tied by wires and plugs, enjoy cleaning from bathroom to living room to kitchen, even to the outdoors. Powered by rechargeable batteries (2*2500mAh). 3.5-4 hours after fully charged, it can be used for up to 90 minutes. A single charge is enough to clean your entire home!

– The electric rotary scrubber offers two optional speeds (300-350 rpm). Select low speed for daily general cleaning such as soap scum, mud, slime, etc. For hard-to-remove grout, grease on the stove, and long-term accumulated hard water stains, you can switch to high speed for deep cleaning. It is recommended that stubborn stains be soaked with detergent for 5-10 minutes before cleaning.

– With an adjustable extension pole, the cleaning brush can be extended to 47 inches to ensure easy cleaning of hard-to-reach high places, while the 25-inch short handle model can also facilitate cleaning of easy-to-reach areas. The angle-adjustable brush head can also ensure multi-directional cleaning needs.

– The electric cleaning brush kit includes 4 replacement brush heads of different shapes and sizes, you can choose the appropriate brush head for effective cleaning according to your needs. Large flat brush for all flat and wide surfaces such as floors, windows and walls; small flat brush for detailing; round brush for all curved surfaces such as bathtubs and sinks; small pointed brush for cleaning all tight corners .

– Equipped with a hangable hook for storing or charging the cleaning brush on the wall after use, the brush accessory can be easily removed for storage to save space.

– The electric cleaning brush head has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which prevents product damage from splashing liquid during use and ensures safe use, but it should be noted that the entire product cannot be immersed in water.

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