FOTILE JQG7502 30-inch wall-mounted/under-cabinet range hood sale + free shipping! Efficient and silent! 2 colors are available!

Amazon has FOTILE JQG7502 30-inch wall-mounted/under-cabinet range hood on sale + free shipping! 2 colors are available!

30-inch wall-mounted/under-cabinet range hood, tempered glass, maximum equivalent CFM: 850, minimum 39 decibels.noise level

Angled design for extracting exhaust air close to cooking surfaces and fumes, 90° fixed open capture hood

Covers 6 square feet of cooking area (5-6 burners), dual AC motors, 95% grease separation and 98% odor reduction

WhisPower System

The larger the CFM, the louder the noise. For users, this is the best of both worlds.
However, FOTILE relies on the unique WhisPower technology and the patented butterfly ring suction plate to form the Venturi tube effect. Through the simulation of airflow, it can effectively improve the oil fume suction and exhaust capacity. On the basis of the industry-leading CFM, it has achieved both high efficiency and quietness. The FOTILE side suction range hood can capture the smell of oil fume at the best position and time in the golden smoke control area, and quickly solve the problem of kitchen oil fume through the powerful centrifugal turbine fan system WhisPower.

Extra wide smoke inlet ensures even suction pressure from every angle

90-degree fixed open smoke capture guard. It can effectively prevent the spread of smoke and protect you from harm.

Extra large coverage area easily covers all burners on the cooktop

The 30-inch ultra-wide smoke inlet ensures even suction from every angle. The large coverage area of ​​6 square feet can easily cover all the burners on the cooktop.

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