FOREO LUNA 3 Smart Facial Cleanser/Face Cleansing Artifact Sale + Free Shipping! Tighten the skin and shape the face, creating a photogenic V-face!

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Amazon has an upgraded version of FOREO Luna LUNA 3 Smart Facial Cleanser V-face Artifact Sale + free shipping! Face wash + face slimming artifact!

The LUNA 3-V face cleansing instrument series continues to focus on skin cleansing technology, and has launched 3 different color models for normal skin, sensitive skin, and mixed skin, taking care of different skin types.

On the basis of LUNA? Luna? 2, the area of ​​the body brush head is increased, the bristles are longer and softer, and the cleansing density is improved. Fits every inch of skin on the face in an all-round way, removes oil and dirt, and washes out delicate and translucent.

The facial massage function of LUNA Luna 3-V face cleanser is newly upgraded. For different facial areas, you can follow the FOREO APP built-in facial sculpting exercise smart program to perform customized skin-cleaning and sculpting massage. If you want to purify your skin more effectively and at the same time have a firm V face full of vitality, a FOREO LUNA 3–V face cleanser is enough!

Tighten the skin and shape the face, creating a photogenic V-face! For facial contours, around the eyes, lips, and neck, the FOREO APP has built-in 4 different sculpting exercise modes, which can be freely selected, and the overall firming and lifting effect of the face can be achieved within 2 minutes.

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Innovative brush head, deep and gentle cleansing, covered with 1800+ high-density and soft bristles, bristles increased by 32%, bristle softness increased by 26%, more effectively penetrate into pores, clean dirt, and make pores transparent.

Ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the face, the area of ​​the brush head is increased by 31%, and the three-dimensional curved surface is easier to fit the multiple curvatures and angles of the face, while giving the skin a softer and more comfortable touch, achieving a balance between strong power and gentleness.

T-Sonic vertical skin-penetrating sonic pulsation, increased to 16 levels of intensity selection, providing stronger and more comprehensive cleaning and soothing functions, delivering up to 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute, gently removing oil and dirt in pores , excess keratin and makeup residue. It can be adjusted freely through the FOREO APP, customized multi-effect skin care, and more caring for tender skin.