FOREO BEAR smart micro-current beauty instrument sale + free shipping! Firming and lifting, effective anti-aging, won many beauty awards!

The Anti-Shock SystemTM ensures care comfort by automatically adjusting the microcurrent intensity, maximizing safety and effectiveness.

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Firming and lifting, effective anti-aging

Won multiple beauty awards!

In just a few minutes, full firmness and lifting
BEARTM is the world’s first FDA-approved microcurrent beauty instrument with Anti-Shock SystemTM, which has anti-aging effects. By combining microcurrent and T-SonicTM pulsation, it gently stimulates 69 muscles of the face and neck, Visibly improves facial contours.

Combined with SERUM SéRUM SERUM sample and FOREO app, you can enjoy professional-grade firming and lifting care at home.

Perfect muscle instant firming and lifting
Stronger facial muscles, smoother skin, fewer wrinkles? Everything is possible with microcurrent because advanced microcurrent mirrors your body’s natural electrical currents at the cellular level. Best of all, it’s a non-invasive facial.

Vitality Facial Training
The benefits of BEARTM on your face and neck muscles are as energizing as a well-exercised aerobic body. Microcurrent stimulates deep muscles while gentle T-SonicTM pulsations massage the face to brighten the complexion.

Shine youthful

BEARTM combines microcurrent and T-SonicTM massage to improve microcirculation, which eliminates toxins and relieves facial tension for smoother, more radiant skin.

personalized care
BEARTM has 10 kinds of micro current intensity optional. Access more firming care guides through the FOREO app and enjoy efficient spa treatments at home.

Smart Swedish Design

Portable and easy to use, the BEARTM has an ergonomic shape that contours to fit perfectly and glides effortlessly over the skin. Up to 90 uses per USB charge. Waterproof design, easy to clean.

Thoughtful, safe and effective

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