DragonSport Full Fishing Gear Sale + Free Shipping!Including retractable fishing rod + hook + bait + fishing line, etc. 30-piece set

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Amazon.com now has a full set of DragonSport fishing equipment on sale (extendable fishing rod + hook + bait + line, etc. 30-piece set)

This 30-piece complete set of fishing equipment includes 1 fishing rod + 1 reel + fishing line + various baits + hooks + some necessary accessories + carrying case.

The retractable fishing rod is made of carbon fiber and glass fiber, which is hard and durable. The size of the fishing rod is 42cm/16.53in when folded, and 240cm/94.48in when it is extended

Easy to cast, casting and retrieving the fishing line is simple and convenient.

This fishing gear is perfect for beginners.

The carrying case is made of high-quality nylon with a large capacity, which can be loaded with more tools you need, and can be carried anywhere you want to fish.