Braun one-second ear thermometer / thermometer sale + free shipping!Suitable for infants and adults

This product is the most high-end model of the BRAUN series of one-second thermometers. It has an ergonomic appearance and is more comfortable. The new ear pad design, smaller measurement caliber, soft and gentle, easy to use for infants and young children, it is the first recommended by pediatricians brand.

-Comfortable and suitable for the whole family, the most gentle body temperature measurement tool;

-Safe new design soft side head, safe and does not hurt the ear canal;

BRAUN has always been the most ideal brand in the minds of doctors and mothers. The One Second Ear Thermometer is the top ear thermometer recommended by the most doctor clinics and mothers. It is gentler than the previous model, and the unique soft and elastic probe ensures that it will not cause harm to the user.

Amazon has Braun One Second Ear Thermometer / Thermometer IRT6520CA on sale + free shipping!Suitable for infants and adults

– Quickly measure body temperature, it only takes one second;

– Accuracy has been proved by the hospital use test, and the temperature measurement is accurate.

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