Braun 12-cup drip filter coffee machine sale + free shipping!

Amazon offers Braun 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker on sale + Free Shipping!

The Perfect Cup of Coffee Braun’s PureFlavor technology ensures your coffee is made at the correct temperature and brewing time to extract the best coffee flavor and aroma. Whether you brew a full pot or opt for a 1-4 cup setting.

A programmable 24-hour timer means your coffee will be ready when you want it.

With automatic shut-off function.

Rich aroma at any time Brew Pause system allows you to pour a cup at any time during the brewing process without dripping.

FlavorCarafe locks in fresh flavors by minimizing air exposure.

The unique water level indicator lets you brew an 11-ounce mug or up to 12 cups of coffee.

Stylish and elegant design with a smaller footprint

Pure pleasure with every sip, the Braun gold filter tip allows cremas to enter your cup, enhancing the flavor of your coffee. The charcoal filter purifies the brewing water, and the cleaning function can be customized according to different water hardness levels.