Apple Watch SE (44 mm, GPS+Cellular) Watch Sale + Free Shipping!Heart health warning, waterproof 50 meters, multi-color optional

Powerful S5 dual-core SiP package chip with high performance and fast speed.

Amazon offers Apple Watch SE (44 mm, GPS+Cellular) on sale + free shipping!Heart health warning, waterproof 50 meters

The same iconic design as the Apple Watch Series 6, and the same large display.

Fall detection and SOS emergency contact function to protect your safety.

Apple Watch SE is water resistant to 50 meters. Go into the water with confidence, it can not only track the number of times and meters you have been in the pool, but also record your travel route in open water.

Practice hard and challenge the limit. With one click, dozens of physical training programs accompany you to practice, including running, walking, yoga, cycling, high-intensity interval training and dancing. Apple Watch SE can also be paired with compatible fitness equipment7. Its ability is good, and your progress is of course no problem.

Record your every rise, flip and jump. As long as you raise your wrist, you can view various data, such as distance, pace, laps, cadence, calories burned and heart rate. There is also an all-weather altimeter that will tell you the real-time altitude change when going up and downhill.

Music and podcasts, your favorites are here. With Apple Music, tens of millions of good songs are on your wrist, cheering you on at any time. There are also podcasts and audiobooks in third-party apps, which can also accompany you all the way, making you more motivated as you practice, and full of motivation every time.

Even if the mobile phone is not at hand, everything is still online. Call business, answer urgent emails, get directions with the built-in compass, and get turn-by-turn directions with the Maps app. With cellular capabilities, you can travel freely even without your phone. All the way online, naturally everything goes well.

Healthy, keep it on hand. Apple Watch will remind you to wash your hands for 20 seconds; it will give you a light touch reminder when the noise level is too high; it will help you record your menstrual cycle on your wrist; and the breathing app will help you calm down for a moment and restore yourself. With it, your health is in your own hands.

The whole family is connected heart to hand. With family sharing settings, you can use your iPhone to pair watches for children and the elderly who don’t have an iPhone at home, so that the whole family can stay connected through calls and messages. Plus, they can play music, download apps, and complete their own activity rings. Parents can use the classroom time mode to let children concentrate on learning; when they pick up and leave school, children will also receive notifications that their parents have arrived.

It makes it feel better the more you wear it. Apple Watch SE inspires you to live healthier. It keeps you informed and encourages good habits; it monitors your heart rate and notifies you if something abnormal is detected so you can take action and consult your doctor; and it even makes a call for help in an emergency.

Sleep well, I wish you lie down and win. The sleep app can work with the iPhone to record your sleep status, help you develop a good sleep schedule, and achieve your sleep goals. You can check your sleep trends to see if you’re making steady progress.

Fall detection and SOS emergency contact function. With built-in accelerometers and a gyroscope, Apple Watch SE can detect when you’ve taken a hard fall and connect you to emergency services if you’re immobilized. In case of an emergency, you can get instant help just by pressing and holding the side button of the watch, even when traveling overseas.

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