Apalus Magnetic Screen Doors on Sale!Anti-mosquito, self-closing, black

Amazon has Apalus Magnetic Screen Doors on sale!Anti-mosquito, self-closing, black

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MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Versatility! Works with single doors, sliding doors, campers, RVs! For homes with pets, you don’t need to create a puppy door or cat door on your curtains, your pets can walk through it at will!

Easy to Install: No screws, no other tools required. Apply the provided hook tape to the top of the door and you’re done! Detachable, portable and washable. When winter comes, you can take it off and store it for next year.

HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: Premium mesh, strong buckle/hook strap and top seal magnet.

With magnetic sheet, the two sheer curtains can be closed automatically.Windproof and very durable, repelling mosquitoes and flies